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Doggies Guitars 〜since 1983〜

I'd started my adventures in guitar hunting back in 1976. 

I went door to door, sifted through mom and pop type garages to little pawn shops in search of valuable guitars. Every now and then luck would have me at the doorsteps of bereaved families and widows of the owners of great guitars all across the United States. 


I started selling these guitars wholesale to guitar shops in the Tokyo area back in 80's. Shortly after, I opened my own shop in December of 1983. 

Now my entire collection   here at Doggies Guitars consists of the most selective pieces from my 40 years of guitar hunting. Every single one I have here are a “one and only.” 

I believe I have good guitar hunting skills in this vintage guitar safari.

Yes, we still have real, one of a kind and rare instruments and they all sound absolutely great!          



Lenny, me, Craig, Ryota, and Cindy
Sara, Soul, Abe and me
Rusty Anderson
Jack Blues
me and Warren
Sara and Charlie Sexton
with Cindy Blackman
Doyle Bramhall
Steve Jordan
Lenny with the Doggie's fam
with Tony Garnier
with Chris Dave
Nile Rodgers
little soul and Charlie
big p Paul Rector at Dogiies
Sara Warren Tomoya
Jack Daley
Franklin Matters and Sara
Kenji Jino Hino
Leon Russel
Will Lee
sara with micky curtis
Jerry Barnes
Matt Abts and me
CC Deville
sara micky yoshino
Pat Metheny
Robin Zander
Tom Petersson
Hiram Bullock
Vernon Reid
me and Pat Martino
with Jorgen Carlsson
Kento Handa with Willie Weeks
John Tropea
Masa Kohama
G.E. Smith
Craig, Ryu and Sara
Rocco Palladino
Steve Cropper with Paul Simon
Paul Simon
Rick Nielsen
Asao, Artie, Steve and Me
Susan, Derek, me and Sara
Derek Trucks
Steve Cropper
Christian McBride and Ryu
Robben Ford
Little Soul, Jessee Johnson & Isaiah
Charlie Sexton and the Doggies Fam
Pino Palladino
Isaiah Sharkey & Chris Loftlin
Kenny Aaronson & Johnny A
John Idan
ichiro playing Jimi's strat
Shin Suzuki & Charlie Sexton
Sara & Sonny Landreth
Ken, Sonny and Peter Barakan
Jack Broadbent
Derek & Doyle

Gibson '54〜'59 LP STD/Black Beauty/TV.Jr/'58 Flying V/'58Explore/'59 ES335/'63 Fire Bird I,V/'67 FV/'56 J200/'61 J160 E

Fender '50〜'63 Telecaster/'54〜'69 Strato caster/'60〜'63 Jazz Bass/'57〜'63 Precision Bass

Martin '31OM45/'37D28/'39D45/'53D28/'50D18/'69D45

And more

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